Positive Thinking

By using Positive thinking you can change your life for the better. Scroll down and read how

The words within your mind can always have a great impact in your life. When you are reaching and thinking conclusions within your mind, the words that you are using create a powerful impact on your own emotions.

The words that you speak are reflections of your beliefs and thoughts. Once you learn to change the manner of your thinking, you can also change your way of speaking. Through changing the way that you speak, you can always enact great and positive changes in your life. Your success and your failure often depend on the words that you speak.

If you want to become successful in your life, you always have a choice. Speak positively and you will see positive results in your life today and in the future. Get all the info you need here.

Proclaiming Your Success Or Failure

Power of the Spoken Word Basics

Most people underestimate the great power of words. Sometimes, we miss how our words are setting a tone. Just a single word can make a person’s day, or even shatter it. Words can destroy, and it can also build something. Our words can create a great impact on the lives of other people and also to ourselves. We may not know it but sometimes, the words that come from our mouth can make a great change in the lives of other people.

The Basics

Our words can actually move others in order for them to do their best. Out spoken words may either tear down or build up. They primarily serve to inspire and to empower others, or to hurt.
Our spoken words are either destructive or affirming, that is why we always have to choose our words more carefully. We may not actually know it, but our words are our most powerful tool as human. To talk or to utter a word is what makes us distinct from any other living things in this world.
This is our main advantage and like a sword, our words also have two edges; one is to create the greatest and the most beautiful dream, and the other is to destroy things around you.

Your words, depending on how you use them have great effects. Sometimes, you are also hurting yourself through your words. Remember, the words in your mind can influence your behaviour, actions and your outlook towards life.
Your spoken words that come with great emotions have an ultimate power of bringing change. Your future sometimes depends on what you feel, you think, and you speak.
The great power of words primarily lies within their meaning to one person. Far more than just simple way of communicating with other people, words have great powers in manipulating the behaviour and thinking of other people, and yourself as well.

More often than not, we take our thoughts and words in the present for granted. If you have knowledge about metaphysics of you have some understanding about life energy in quantum physics, you might then realize that for your every reaction and action in the physical universe, a shift in energy on the level of matrix is present.

This energy is then attributed to your power of intention and your level of belief that you have in your thoughts and words.
Your thoughts and words, whether positive or negative go unnoticed, however, you will feel their consequences later in your life. Having positive bases of these words will create positive approaching effects, but if it’s negative, then the approaching effects will also be negative.

For this reason, we really have to realize first what we are saying in this present time because they will create great effects on our life later. Remember, every single word you utter today can really affect your future!

Analyzing The Way You Speak About Your Life Now

Words have great power, especially those words that we are using every day. The words that you speak about life now may affect your life in the future.

Remember that what you are saying today, and your perceptions about life now may create great impacts in your life in the future. Assess yourself and think about your perceptions about life today. Analyze if you are taking your life positively or the otherwise.

How do you feel and think about your life? Are things going your way or do things seem to fall apart? If you are encountering problems and challenges, how are you dealing with it?

Does life seems to harsh to you and all you want to believe is that life will never be simple, and so negative thoughts are always flowing within your mind? Remember that life is beautiful. It may seem so complicated but remember that those conflicts are what makes life wonderful.

Have A Look

Analyzing how you speak about life can help you discover how you are thinking about life. If you know that you are speaking negatively about life, then this might be the best time for you to change the way you speak about life.

If you’re always worrying about your problems in life, you’re actually in a more complex trouble. Speaking negatively about life can just worsen the situation and it will not help you to improve your individuality. To dwell on the different complexities of things may lead you to more problems.

You have an absolute power over your future. What your views about life today are can change the future, and the way you speak about life now can make an impact on your future.
You can always choose the words that you will speak about life and about yourself. You can always choose to speak words of blessings, healing, abundance and prosperity.
If you are not happy with the direction of your life today, then you have to become aware of the words that you are speaking. Just imagine each word you speak is being rolled out right in front of you, and then you are required to walk on them.

Analysing the words that you’re speaking today are the words that you would want to walk on. Bear in mind that you are always free to choose those words you speak. Every word that you utter has a power to lead you in your destiny, or otherwise. So, it is important to choose the words that are lined up with your own destiny.
If you’re no longer happy with your life now, remember that you always have a choice. Just continue to speak what you have been speaking all this time and you will get just the same results. View your words as your life’s map. The direction that you choose will always be determined by those words that you speak.

Changing Negative Talk to Positive Talk

Changing your negative talk to positive talk can change your whole life. The words you speak are actually like magnets; making a field of energy that is reaching out into the whole universe, and charged with transporting back experiences that will match all the words that you speak. Once you begin to live your life from a perspective that is energetic, you will also know that life is dynamic, so it changes forever.

Changing It

Negative talk is actually destroying you and others. If you really want to enjoy positive changes in your life, you must start changing your negative talk to positive talk. Start assessing what you are saying to yourself and to others as well. It is true that creating a new behaviour is not easy; it takes time and effort. However, in doing this, you will notice great changes in your life.

Negative talk can always lead to several negative things like depression, guilt, anger, pessimism or even anxiety. Likewise, this can lead to a feeling of fear. These are reasons enough  for you to start changing your negative talk into positive talk.

Changing the way you talk can also change the way you are feeling about yourself. If you always talk negatively, you are also attracting negativity in your life.

Remember that whatever you say has a huge impact in your future and in your whole life. Say that you will fail and you most probably will as you begin to feel like working towards your dream and your goal is now pointless. However, if you say that you will succeed, then your chances of enjoying success will go up.

If there is someone who offers you something like a task to do, is your initial response  “I can’t?” If what you say is tainted with fear or will just put you down, change it.

You have to reverse it in order to become positive. For instance, if you hear yourself saying “you will not be able to make it or “you won’t succeed”, hold back, then realise that you are inflicting great damage on yourself. Aside from that, you are just limiting your great potential. Replace these with uplifting words like “I Can always make it” and “I will succeed!”

Be aware of the things that your mind is thinking and what words you’re uttering. Of course, it is quite hard to change your old habits, but if you will practice positive talk, you will also see positive changes in your life.

If you hear that you are starting to think negatively and you’re afraid that you will again talk negative things, just think back to your favourite holiday with your family or friends.

You may also think of those times when you have succeed no matter how hard things had become. Relax and try deep breathing. When you’re relaxed, you can now replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Remember, it is only when your language and thoughts reflect what you want, rather than your limitations, that you can achieve your dreams and fulfil your goals in life.

The Difference Between Speaking and Thinking What You Want

Sometimes, people tend to get confused about the difference between speaking and thinking what they want. Speaking and thinking about what you want may change a lot about your life. These may both allow you to have what you want, or achieve your dreams, but there are certain things that you have to understand about these two ideas.

How Does It Work

Speaking What you Want
When you are speaking, you use words and words are really powerful. You can greatly affect other people by your words, unlike thinking. Words are used to obtain what you want and to create or to destroy. When you use your words unconsciously, these can actually bring unwanted experiences. Nevertheless, if words are spoken with precision and purpose, they offer an opportunity to bring your dreams into reality. Speaking what you want will give you the power to materialise even your deepest dreams and aspirations. By choosing the right words carefully, you can have what you want.

Most of those renowned people in our History carefully selected their words, and they fuelled them with their clear intent to fulfil their vision. Words really matter because they are materialising as matter. Spoken words can convert challenges into great opportunities. Your power to obtain what you want and achieve your goals are linked with the words that you speak. Speaking hold a tremendous power and it can cause amazing results.

Also, when you were growing up, people would have talked about you and spoken to you. Their words would have great effects in your life today, but remember that you can reverse it if you don’t like what they said about you.

Thinking What you Want

Your thoughts and emotions play a big role in allowing the Law of Attraction work in order to give you what you really want. Your emotion’s strength can determine the speed in which your dreams will appear in your reality. Most of us are yearning to have an abundant life and we keep on saying that we want a life of prosperity. However, our thought and our beliefs that are very limiting are those that keep us from having the life that we want. If you will speak about something that you want, you need to have pure intent. Sometimes, no matter what we say, if it is against our belief and thought, things will still not be in their place.

People are sometimes feel so excited about their big dream, however, they allow their thoughts like “it is too hard”, “I don’t have enough money or resources”, and lot of defeating thoughts that will keep them from obtaining what they want. To improve our lives, we have to change our thought in harmony with what we say or what we really want.
Although there are some differences between these two, these are both powerful in obtaining what we want in life. Just remember that your thoughts must be in harmony with what we say. If you know that you’re ready for a change in your life, you have to start speaking positive words that will describe who you are.

Getting in the Right Mindset

Our view of the world can guide us in each part of our lives. Also, adopting a right mindset can positively affect our daily lives and can affect our future.

If you will be asked to utter words, will you say that most of them are negative or positive? Surprisingly, the most destructive and damaging source of a lot of negativities is actually ourselves. Sometime, we are bombarded with negative words to speak with other people. In fact, it is quite easier to say negative things than the otherwise because of those negative external and internal messages that we obtain every day.

Getting Your Mind Set

The main problem is that within our mind, we accept those negative things as the truth. People sometimes focus on their problems so they tend to talk a lot of negative things.
But the truth is, it does not really require us an extra effort to speak positively when we focus on those positive things in life. In order for you to develop the right mindset, you have to provide emphasis on those positive aspects of your life and of yourself.
Know your strengths and discover those things that you have accomplished. Be confident about the fact that change can help you grow and believe that things will become better. Speak positive things about others and to yourself. This will help you attract positive energies.

If you really want to become successful in your life, and want to keep you life back on a positive track, as being said, you always have a choice. You just have to develop the right mindset and habits that will always keep you on track.
Think and speak positively. No matter how difficult life is and no matter how hard situations may appear, you have to stay positive. The way you are thinking and speaking about yourself and to the world can make changes in your life.
Words can actually impact your mindset. Words is greatly powerful and you can in fact use this power by consciously selecting the right words that can keep your mindset positive and enables you to have an access to the right energy level for the activity that you have designed.
Believe and say that you can handle all your problems easily. Never allow those negative thoughts to have power over you. Bear in mind that no one or nothing can have power over you unless you give consent. Have positive expectations about your daily life.
Words of hope and optimism are more powerful than just a positive push. You can speak positive words so they can empower your dreams and the things that you want in life. Make a strong belief in what you want and to yourself.

The Difference Between Positive And Negative Mindset In The Words You Use

Positive and Negative Mindset in the words you use can truly affect your future. As being said, your words are highly powerful and it can actually shape your future.

If you have a positive way of thinking on the words that you use, you can expect for positive results in your life. But if you will think the otherwise, it will also create negative results in your future’s life.

Having a positive and negative way of thinking in the words you use can both create great impact on your life today and in the future. Negative and positive mindset in the words that we are using can be self-fulfilling prophesies – whatever we expect or say can mostly come true.

The Difference

Negative Mindset in Words you Use
If you will start saying that you will mess up you work, there are great chances that you will. Having a negative mindset can lead outcomes that we do not want. If you say that you will not succeed, then you may not really try hard enough for you to succeed, you may also not perceive results as good enough and you will not attract people to support you.
If you will think negatively in the words that you use, you will never feel happy. Your negative thoughts and words actually have the ability in keeping you in a depressed feeling.

Positive Mindset in the Words You Use
Positive talk can bring around a sheath of well-being together with better relationships, victory and success, happiness and mental harmony.
Positive talk is actually contagious in nature because it will spread out to people around you. When you talk positively, you are also attractive positive energy that will create huge effects on your future.
If you think that the direction of your life is not going on the right way, well, you have to assess the words that you are using. If you are always talking negatively, then negative things will come your way. Remember that you always have a choice.

Change negative talk to positive talk and you will see great positive things that will happen in your life. The things that you want life to bring you will depend on the words that you will speak. If you want life to bring you success and happiness, then you must speak about happiness and victory.
There is no other person who has a power over you, but yourself. What you are thinking or saying about yourself and to others can have a huge impact on how they feel, or how you feel about yourself.

Speaking Success In Health And Relationships

Choosing our words carefully is very critical to ensure that we will become successful in our life’s aspects. Words can influence our thinking and these can also reinforce concepts inside the psyche. This kind of psychological association can make impact on the outcome of our goals and the level of our achievements. The words that we choose could actually mean the difference between success and failure.

Health And Relationships

Words can also have great effect on how the society views people with addictions and health issues. Terms that describe individuals with mental issues are dynamic and have also evolved over time.
Pleasant words are actually like a honeycomb; sweet to your soul and healing to your bones. The words that we utter have amazing power to bring healing into the life of others people.
When you start speaking words of comfort, encouragement and health to someone, your spoken words have great power that can affect the person hearing them, and the result is actually health within their bodies.

Words can also bring health to other people’s feelings and emotions. If someone receives words of love, his/her heart is filled with joy. Having a healthy heart can bring positive changes into the health of someone.
Language has amazing powers more than we actually expected. This can bring either success or failure into the relationship. Words have power to build or destroy relationships.
When words aren’t carefully chosen, customers may leave, job can be lost and relationships can ruined. Remember that in life, you we’re constantly engaged with different kinds of relationship with people around us. Most of these kinds of relationship can promote success in our life. It’s of utmost of importance that we choose our words carefully to bring success in health and in relationships.

Sometimes, we wound others through the words that we speak to them. Always assess the words that you speak. Are words spoken well, in the manner that it can build rather than destroy? Are they encouraging and healthy? Make an effort to choose your words in most care because words can have great power to ring success both in your health and relationships.
Begin today in making conscious efforts in order to analyze and monitor your words. Always make it a point to give friendly words into everyone around you.
Start learning to respond in every way that disperse positive and good energy into the people’s lives and to the world around you. Remember that the immense power that you have within your words can motivate people to act in either harmful or helpful ways.

Speaking Success In Finances And Career Path

All of us have great powers to create things that we want in our lives. Words have power in making your dreams come true and achieving the things you want in life.

The words that you speak are actually like the “genie in the bottle”. Once you declare that you will become successful in your finances and career path, your wish is its command, and you will enjoy success in your finances and the path you choose.

We can become healthy and wealthy, only when we choose to do become so. Just say it and you will see that it is going to happen in such way that you say it will.

Finances And Career

Sometimes when bad things happen or when our chosen career path did turn to become successful, we think that they are bound to happen. Actually, things did not become successful because in the very beginning, you are doubtful of your own success.
Every one of us has an innate power to make a wonderful and bright future just because we say so. Declare to the world that you will be great in your business, and you will become successful in your chosen career and you will see how wonderful things will come your way.
There are creative powers within your words. The words you speak have great powers to create no matter what your heart desires, including your wanted financial world.

We know how the saying goes, “words are more powerful than a sword”. When it comes to politics, this is actually how a war is being initiated, and how peace is being made. It is actually how our decisions are being pulled through.
In the business world, it’s the word that define what you can offer and who you are. Also, once you believe and speak of words of affirmation that you will become success in your business, then you will do so.
If people declare that you will fail in your chose career or in your business, reverse it by saying positively that you will succeed. No matter what negative things they say, you always have a power to change it. If you notice that things are not going your way, choose to see the potential and possibility. Declare that whatever challenges you face, you will stand up again and become successful.
Expect and speak of positive outcomes. Practice positive declarations. The words that you speak are very creative. Put them into work as you start speaking them out. It just means that a closed mouth is also a closed financial destiny. Start opening your mouth wide by speaking of success both in your finances, business and in your chosen career path, and then you will see what you are saying will come to pass.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Our words hold enormous power and for us to wield this kind of power means controlling our destiny. We have discovered along the way that the primary secret of words depend on expressing them compassionately, carefully and consciously. Because our words are really powerful, these can be used in both in negative and positive ways.

Good And Bad

Advantages of Spoken Words
Spoke words are powerful enough to create positive things within your life. These can build bridges between individuals, can bring life to our relationships, futures and existence. Human or people are the only beings created on earth, amongst other living creatures living therein, can control their breathing in order to make sounds vibrate that they are using to be able to form words that enable them to communicate with other humans and to convey message.

These spoken words have an immense power to communicate with and be able to connect to the world that is unseen. Each word that we utter is actually prayer that is manifested into reality and brought into this life by faith.
Spoken words can be used in order to build up and lighten the spirit of a heart that is discouraged. All that is required is to be able to speak the appropriate words at the perfect time to uplift the wounded spirit, to enlighten one’s mind so that an individual can start to feel the power of one’s word. Bear in mind that words that are positive are also positive affirmations. They can always change any cues that are subconscious that have the possibility to sabotage your future success in life. Remember that words have great powers to play a very destructive role in your life.

Disadvantage of Spoken Words

Although words can build, they can also destroy. Once you start saying negative things about yourself and to others, this can also make negative changes in your future. Your tongue may actually be the smallest, yet it is your most powerful weapon against yourself and to others. Just a very simple misplaced word can actually lead to a negative chain reaction in other people lives and to those who cannot handle difficult situations.

It is true that words can build bridges between many people and build good relationships, but remember that words also have great capacity to close those gaps in between and destroy relationships that you build. They can also bring destruction to your existence, relationship and also to your future. if you keep on saying negative things about yourself and others, you are also robbing a good part of your and others lives. Spoken words can make us discourages, aggravated and sad.

If you want to obtain happiness in life, speak of uplifting words. Speak of success both in your relationship and in health, in finances and in career path, in yourself and other people’s lives. The advantage and disadvantages of words depend on how we use them and our great intent behind those words. Spoken words can actually satisfy the soul just as food satisfies one’s stomach. Choosing the appropriate words can bring satisfaction. Life and destruction, failure and success are in the power of your words.


One of the best and the greatest gifts given to man is the capability to shape his life and create is wants in life. This can actually be attributed to one’s ability to speak.

Your spoken words are greatly powerful. Words have amazing powers more than we actually expected. They can cause great happiness to one’s life. They can uplift and enlighten one’s soul and heart, brighten a day, lessen your heart’s pain, encourage people and make our lives complete and satisfying. Unfortunately, words have also power to cause dire pain as well. It is true that words can bring success, but it can bring failure too.

No matter what we want our life, or what our heart desires, these can be achieved when we choose to do so. Your words can build and are creative, and so they can create the things that you want in life. If you want to become successful in your life, your word can help you achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

Your spoken words and the words that you use today can essentially determine whether you will success or not in the future. The words that you speak can greatly affect your future. Whatever you are saying about life, that could mean your world tomorrow. If you speak negatively today, then that would mean negative things in the future. Words shape how we are experiencing the world.

The words you speak can change your perspective and outlook on a certain situation. Once you use those words that are weak and passive, you will also perceive a particular situation more negatively. When you start using powerful, dynamic and active words, you will then perceive yourself as more powerful and dominant over that particular situation.

The primary key is to learn to make your chosen words reflect your goals and dreams, and not your past worries. Your life can improve; it is possible when you choose to do so. Listen to what you are saying. Listen to any negative statements and comments about yourself and start changing them into positive.

Your future is within your hands. No matter what other people are saying about you, you can always change them into positive. Replace their negative regards about you into positive. If you are not happy with what is happening about you right now, you have great power to change it. Remember that the choice is always yours. What you are speaking today about life can change your future. If you notice that negative things are starting to ruin your dreams, listen to what you are saying. Listen to your words. You might be saying things that can be attributed to your current situation.

If you put into your mind and say that in every situation, you “can” accomplish anything, then you actually “can”. If you realise that your words are tainted with fright or apprehension, reverse them to become positive. The words that you are using will manifest where your mind or thoughts are focused. Your words show what you think is actually possible and what you believe. Remember, your success in the future depends on the words you speak today.

The End